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The activists here at have a modest proposal to end daylight saving time that will reap large benefits in addition to ending the semi-annual changing of the clock.

It has not escaped our notice that in the United States, Eastern standard time is the same as Central daylight time and Mountain standard time is the same as Pacific Daylight Time. Thus, we propose that The Pacific and Central time zones remain on permanent daylight saving time, and that the Mountain and Eastern time zones remain on permanent standard time.

In addition to releasing us from the burden of having to set our clocks every few months, this will also reduce the number of time zones in the United States from four to two. Thus, for example, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dallas will now all be operating on the same time, and people will no longer have to adjust to different time zones when they do business or travel between any of these cities. Also, we'll be able to get rid of those annoying television schedules that say "8:30 PM/7:30 Central", since the Eastern time zone will be the same as the Central time zone. Further, people traveling or doing business between the East and West coasts will only have a two hour time difference to contend with, instead of the three hour difference with which we are currently burdened.

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This proposal will simplify scheduling, travel, and commerce. And by ending semi-annual clock tampering, it will also allow people to get more sleep, be better adjusted to their daily routine, avoid missed appointments resulting from failure to reset clocks, and, most importantly, save lives.

Please help to bring about an end to the mad, semi-annual ritual of changing our clocks, by taking just a few moments to add your name to our petition below, Which will be forwarded to the appropriate government officials. And please remember to tell anyone you know who might be interested in helping to support our cause to visit and sign up, too.



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